Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 10/21/2022

Hi all! We’re excited to introduce the newest series to the Flickr blog, “Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social“.

Every Friday we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite photos submitted to the Flickr Social group. For a chance to be featured, join the group and share your photos!

Blue Door

‘Blue Door” –Natalia Morón


“Fliegenpilz” –Jotis

Barn Owl

“Incoming Barn Owl about to settle on one of its favourite posts.” –Steve Waddingham

Nature hostile

“Nature hostile” –Denis Brothier

Drift Peak, Leadville, Colorado

“Drift Peak, Leadville, Colorado” –Paul R. Sanchez


“Lovely work team of Hall of Public Audience. Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India” –Raquel Borrero

Light Spiral

“Light spiral” –V A N D E E

Lago Santo (Modena, Italy)

“Lago Santo (Modena, Italy)” –Andrea Stagi

Under the drone

“Under the drone” –Anne Köhler

Paint my life

“Paint my life” –Shingchou Wu

Be a part of this month’s Explore takeover

This month we’re doing things a little different and curating an Explore takeover celebrating the color green! Check out a few photos shared this week and join the discussion for a chance to be featured!

Suspended in the green

“Suspended in the green” –Mariano Lemus

Corkscrew Willow

“Corkscrew Willow” –Ahmer Inam

Swirls, Whirls, a Boat, Sand and a Solitary Man on Water and Clouds

“Swirls, Whirls, a Boat, Sand and a Solitary Man on Water and Clouds” –Anoop Negi

See you next week!