This Week in Photo (TWiP) has joined SmugMug + Flickr!

Photo by Javier Allege Barros

If you’re anything like us, you’re a fiend for photography media of all kinds. Films, podcasts, vlogs, contests—anything you can get your hands on to help you learn more about the craft, art, and impact of photography. Well today, you’re in luck.

We are excited to announce that the world’s most popular photography podcast network, This Week in Photo (fondly known as TWiP), has joined the SmugMug and Flickr family. And it gets even better: TWiP Editor-in-Chief, decorated photographer, and long-time Flickr member, Frederick Van Johnson has also joined us to lead content and new media, while continuing to grow and evolve TWiP. 

What does this mean for Flickr? Frederick will continue to be an admin for the This Week in Photo group on Flickr and if you haven’t already, discover the This Week in Photo podcast where you’ll get even more photography-centric insights, inspiration, and entertainment to look forward to. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear the news direct from the source on SmugMug.