Flickr Release Notes, October 2022

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Hey, Flickr members! Here’s some of what the Flickr team worked on in October 2022.

What’s New

In October we introduced a new sidebar in Search!

The Flickr Search Sidebar is a fixed sidebar that appears on the desktop web Photos, People & Groups search pages. The sidebar is composed for all Flickr members and will display differently depending on your account and the page you’re on:

1. Related searches on all search pages: A list of tags related to what you searched for.
2. Group search preview on the Photo search page: Shows up to 5 results for Groups matching the query you enter. It also has a View More link to send you to the Groups tab to see more detailed results.
3. Photo search preview on the Group search page: Shows 10 photos of search results matching the query you entered. It also has a View More link to send you to the Photos tab to see more detailed results.
4. An ad unit/portrait ad: This is shown to free and signed out members only. If you are a Pro member, you will not see this.

We’ve released a license modal that will now appear on every photo page along the site on desktop and mobile web. The modal adds education when viewing the photo page of someone with a Creative Commons license, as well as a history of any license changes on any photo.

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When the photo has a Creative Commons license, the License Type will link to the Creative Commons page. Otherwise, the License Type will link to our Help Center article on how to change a license type.

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We’ve added a Getty widget to the Photo and Search pages. This widget is only visible when signed out of the site. The widget works to surface relevant iStock images on non-Pro pages, directing to the iStock site for image purchase. Currently, the widget is for desktop web only.

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We’ve moved away from mobile web login to in-app login for both iOS and Android! Previously, when a user downloaded the Flickr app on their mobile device, they’d go through the mobile web view to sign up. This view had multiple steps and login loops at times leaving the user stuck or confused. This update includes better error handling to navigate users through any signup, Login, or reset password issues – ultimately allowing users to use the app more efficiently!

See you next month!