Flickr Print Shop: World-class prints from Flickr photographers delivered to your door.

For a long time, members of our fantastic photo community have only been able to buy prints of their own photos. Today, we’re rolling out a new feature on Flickr that lets anyone—Flickr members and visitors alike—order professional quality prints from a select group of photographers who’ve made their work available for sale.

The Print Shop

How does it work?
Whether you’re looking for a print to decorate your living space or searching for a piece to give to someone special, you can now shop prints and wall art with just a few clicks. Start by clicking “Prints” in the upper nav, then select our brand new storefront: “The Print Shop”. When searching, photos that are available for print will also appear in the first row of your search results.

From The Print Shop

Once you’ve located the photo you want to print, click the shopping cart icon in the right-hand corner below the image, select the product style, size, etc., and proceed to check out.

Shopping cart

Flickr Prints
Flickr Prints is backed by years of photography sales success on our sister site, SmugMug. Your prints will come from Bay Photo, a professional lab located in Santa Cruz, California, and they ship all over the world! We offer paper prints, wall art, and desk art of photos in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

Who are the approved sellers?
This feature is part of a pilot program, so you can expect to hear about more improvements, tweaks, and featured photographers in the future. For launch, these are the talented photographers whose work you can buy for your home, office, or wherever you could use some inspiring photography:

Amanda Powell
Darren LoPrinzi
Jason R.
Jeff S.
Jordan K.
Lauri Novak
Matt K.
Patrick J.
Shannon O.

How can I become an approved seller?
For now, selling photos is limited to a small pool of photographers who all fit criteria for testing this exciting new opportunity. If you’re interested in becoming a future seller, please fill out this form. Please note: At this time, Flickr members who are outside of the United States or don’t have a Pro account are currently not eligible.