Celebrate World Ocean Day 2023

Today is World Ocean Day! Since 1992, on June 8th, we are invited to come together and celebrate the oceans of the world and the impact they have on all life on Earth. This year’s theme is “Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing”. On this day, we are called to focus on conservation and international collaboration in order to recognize that the balance of life on Earth is largely dependent on the important role of our oceans. We use this time of reflection to work towards learning how to be better stewards of this planet, and in turn make changes that positively impact our surroundings in water and on land.

At Flickr, we hold a deep respect for our planet and conservation is an integral part of who we are as a company, which is why, as we’ve recently shared, Flickr has been certified as Climate Neutral. We also see that same appreciation and passion from Flickr members across the whole Flickr community. A quick search on Flickr will bring up beautiful shot after shot of Flickr members celebrating and honoring our oceans and ocean life. We wanted to share some of our favorites with you to inspire you today, on World Ocean Day.

Rainy shower above Pacific Ocean

“Rainy shower above Pacific Ocean”-



Underwater Flower Bed (Aquarium #3)

“Underwater Flower Bed”- Christian Meermann

bonaire january 2011 - turtle 4.jpg

“bonaire january 2011 – turtle”-



Light over the southern ocean

“Light over the southern ocean”-

Dumbo Octopus

“Dumbo Octopus”-

Large School/Pod ?? of Dolphins Traveling at Speed Headed North in the Bay of Biscay ( Estamated around 40-50 Here).

“Large School/Pod ?? of Dolphins Traveling at Speed Headed North in the Bay of Biscay”-

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