Celebrate our Second Life community turning 20!

Second Life is celebrating 20 years!

From June 22nd to July 11th, Second Life is in party mode celebrating their 20th birthday! If you aren’t familiar with Second Life, it is a virtual world launched in 2003 by Linden Lab. Characters in the virtual Second Life communities interact with each other, roam freely through the world and many even participate in a fully developed economy incorporating user-generated content. Since its inception, over 73 million accounts have been created. The Second Life community members meet regularly on Flickr to connect, network and share content across the platform.

For this special birthday celebration, Linden Lab, developer of Second Life, has created a Flickr group that you can join to share photos and learn more about the upcoming birthday festivities. We’re into week two of the birthday celebration, but it’s not too late to get involved. Second Life will be hosting a variety of events to mark their 20th birthday achievement, from live music, to shopping opportunities and community exhibits! Read about all the activities already underway on Second Life’s official birthday announcement.

Here are some of our favorite Second Life images recently shared on Flickr. Join the official Second Life Birthday Flickr group today to see even more photos and celebrate!

[I and only I decide my vibe … ♪♫]

“[I and only I decide my vibe … ♪♫]”-

Music is wherever You are

“Music is wherever You are”- www.flykugin.com/

So tangled in the wild...

“So tangled in the wild…”- 

[follow what you love and the rest will follow itself … ♪♫]

“[follow what you love and the rest will follow itself … ♪♫]”-

Cherisville - Detroit

“Cherisville – Detroit”-

To learn more about Second Life and to see what other celebrations and events are happening, you can visit their official site here.