Four Flickr Bird Groups for You!

This month, we are highlighting a collection of amazing bird photos that have been shared to Flickr by curating a bird themed Explore takeover on Thursday, June 29th. To get the bird watching started early, we are featuring some of our most active and prolific bird focused Flickr groups with you.

Flickr groups are a great way to discover new photographers and connect with Flickr members who share similar interests. Whether you are an avid bird photographer, a casual watcher or new to the appreciation of all things aviary, we hope you will take a moment to learn a little more about these Flickr groups and see if one of them is a good fit for you.


Bird Photos Flickr Group

With almost 99,000 members and over 4.1 million photos, the aptly named Birds Photos Flickr group is a great place to start. You will find an enormous collection of bird photography and may find some inspiration to share your own favorites as well.

Honey Buzzard Portrait

Birding in the Wild

Birding in the Wild is another favorite and focuses on birds specifically in natural settings, no zoo or captive bird shots in this group. You may also see some views of bird nests and eggs while you scroll through the photo pool.


Nature and Animals 

While the Nature and Animals Flickr group is not just for the birds, you will find a lot of them in this extensive photo pool. With over 1 million photos available to browse, it is worth a visit, and you might decide to stay a while.


As Aves que me Rodeiam | Birds Around Me

One final group we’d like to send your way is As Aves que me Rodeiam | Birds Around Me. This is a bird photos only group, and there are a lot of them to see here. Give the group a join and enjoy over 33,000 photos that are being shared there. 


Interested in more birds on Flickr?

The Smithsonian Institution, member of the Flickr Commons, houses a large collection of bird drawings created by well known ornithologist, Robert Ridgway. This collection includes over 500 drawings identifying different bird species over the course of several decades.

Robert Ridgway Bird Head Drawing  441
Update: The bird themed Explore takeover is up, and you can check out all the great submissions here!