Share Your Views of the ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse (NHQ202106100010)

Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

In certain parts of the world, onlookers will be treated to a view of this year’s annular solar eclipse this weekend. The annular solar eclipse will arrive on Saturday, October 14th starting in Oregon at 9:13 a.m PDT. 

The eclipse will head in a south-eastern direction, across North, Central and South America. According to our friends at NASA, “An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, but when it is at or near its farthest point from Earth. Because the Moon is farther away from Earth, it appears smaller than the Sun and does not completely cover the Sun. As a result, the Moon appears as a dark disk on top of a larger, bright disk, creating what looks like a ring around the Moon.”

Partial Solar Eclipse (201410230002HQ)

Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Check out the animation provided by NASA to see where the best viewing can be found of this year’s annular solar eclipse. While you are taking a look into whether your location will have a good view of the event, make sure to read up on tips to make sure your eclipse viewing is done safely. NASA provides some great guidelines for that here!

June 10, 2021 Sunrise Partial Solar Eclipse From Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Photo credit: Carrie Hittel

If the location is looking to be in your favor, make sure to get your gear lined up to safely watch and capture the moment. NASA will be sharing shots from the event on their Flickr site, and we’d love to see your pictures as well! If you’d like to share your eclipse pics with other Flickr members, join us over on Flickr Social! And if you aren’t able to catch a viewing of this particular eclipse but have some other astrophotography shots you’d like to share, send them over to the Flickr Social discussion thread as well. We love seeing your SPACE pics. Happy viewing!

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