Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 10/13/2023

Hello! We have some great pics to share with you on this Friday the 13th in this week’s installment of ‘Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social’! We are celebrating the weekend ahead by highlighting some of the great photos that have been shared in Flickr Social. If you haven’t joined yet, head on over to Flickr Social and start sharing your own pics for a chance to be featured.

Academie du Pain, Boulangerie

“Academie du Pain, Boulangerie”- Neeraj Menon

Yellow bike orange wall

“Yellow bike orange wall”- Reiner Schlag

I love Fall most of all

“I love Fall most of all”- Serena Tan

Glowing Clouds

“Fire Clouds”- Christoph Hetzmann

Día del respeto a la identidad cultural

“Día del respeto a la identidad cultural”- Alejandro Malowicki

architectuur 2

“architectuur 2”- Inge Vw

Amsterdam Tattoo Convention

“Amsterdam Tattoo Convention”- Menno Brandsen

Welcoming old linden trees...

“Welcoming old linden trees…”- Elżbieta Pacuszka

Get ready for your close-ups!

For our October Explore takeover, we are calling for all of our macrophotography enthusiasts to share their favorite close-up photos with us. You can add your macro photos to the discussion thread here for a chance for your images to be highlighted in our Macro Explore takeover happening on Thursday, October 26th. Here are a few photos to help inspire you to zoom in and share your own close-ups with us!

A snack for when you have the blues

“A snack for when you have the blues”- simple.joy



Cairn Rock.jpg

“Cairn Rock”- Andrew Sartain

I’m feeling a LILY bit better now that I have my handy dandy Swiffer.

“I’m feeling a LILY bit better now that I have my handy dandy Swiffer.”John McCrae

Have a great weekend!

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