Fall Polaroid Week Is Heading Our Way!

October is flying by, which means Fall Polaroid Week is around the corner. Every year we highlight Polaroid Week aka ‘RoidWeek during its spring and fall events and this year’s fall instant film celebration kicks off on October 22nd.

What is Polaroid Week?

If you haven’t heard of Polaroid Week before, here’s a quick recap. Polaroid Week is a community led event where photographers are encouraged to take and share their instant film photos. Polaroid photos are of course accepted, but other instant film brands are allowed as well. To check out this year’s earlier Spring ‘RoidWeek event and to get an overview of the rules for this upcoming ‘RoidWeek, join the Polaroid Week 2023 Flickr group here!

Chives 02

“Chives 02” by Juliana Longiotti

Swing Swing Swing

‘Swing Swing Swing’ by Juliana Longiotti

A quick rundown of the rules

Participants are invited to share instant film photos that haven’t been previously posted on Flickr. You can add a total of two photos to the group per day. The group pool will be open for six days, opening up on Sunday, October 22nd and running through Friday, October 27th. Commenting and participating in discussions is welcomed and encouraged! Read through the other event details and group overview here!

Toe Beans

“Toe Beans” by Audra Napolitano

Dans le liquide mouvant.

“Dans le liquide mouvant.” by Mik

Rainbow crossing, Darlinghurst, Sydney, August 2020  #203

“Rainbow crossing, Darlinghurst, Sydney, August 2020 #203”- lynnb’s snaps

orchids on yellow table

“orchids on yellow table”- ellen jo roberts

So start snapping and head on over to ‘RoidWeek 2023! We can’t wait to see all of your instant film captures this month. 

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