We’re Getting Ready for MyFlickrYear 2023!

As 2023 comes to an end, we’re excited to help you relive your memorable moments and celebrate another year of capturing memories through photography. Starting in January, MyFlickrYear 2023 welcomes you to join the fun, offering an inside look at your Flickr activity throughout the year and the chance to share your milestones with friends and connections.

MyFlickrYear 2023 is (almost) back!

What is MyFlickrYear 2023?
MyFlickrYear 2023 is a custom annual report that Flickr delivers to community members who have actively contributed to the Flickr community the previous year. In this year’s edition, Flickr will showcase some of your most notable achievements, including your most popular photo of 2023; stats on faves, comments, and views; your closest connections; and more.

When is MyFlickrYear 2023 coming, and how do I see it?
MyFlickrYear 2023 will be available in the first week of January 2024, and it can be accessed by all members who posted at least one photo to Flickr in 2023 (private or public) and received at least one photo view. If you haven’t shared any photos on Flickr this year, this is your opportunity to connect with your followers and gain some activity before the year ends!

All members who meet the requirements to get a personalized MyFlickrYear 2023 report will be able to find it on your Flickr account through the website or mobile-site experience (not available on the app) with multiple banners in your account and Stats sections, so it should be easy to spot. When the time comes, you’ll also receive an email informing you that MyFlickrYear 2023 is now available, along with a link to your page.

Will I be able to share MyFlickrYear 2023 milestones?
Absolutely! We encourage you to celebrate your memories, photos, and achievements. You’ll be able to easily share your MyFlickrYear 2023 stats to your Flickr photostream and be prompted to share them to your other social-media accounts (if any) using the hashtag #MyFlickrYear23. We’ll also showcase our favorites on the Flickr blog and social-media channels.

Remember, if you haven’t been particularly active on Flickr this year, you still have time to catch up! You can rescue or edit any photographs that have been collecting dust on your camera roll and upload them to Flickr for others to view and admire. We’ll be gathering data to help you celebrate (and better understand) your Flickr activity very soon, so don’t put it off much longer!

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