Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social, 12/08/2023

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you to everyone that continues to share their images in the Flickr Social group. Each week we highlight some of our favorites here in ‘Weekly Snapshot with Flickr Social’. We’d love to see even more of your shots, so if you’d like a chance for your own photos be featured, join us in Flickr Social today!

s t a r l i n g s

“s t a r l i n g s”- l z e e ~

Blaireau • Meles meles

“Blaireau • Meles meles”- Nathalie Hausser

Colours of Naples

“Colours of Naples”- Raul Caceres

Turisti guidati da...

“Turisti guidati da…”- ::ErWin

I Can't Dance

“I Can’t Dance”- Tomasz Imiolczyk

Red Coat

“Red Coat”- Peter van Gils

British Wildlife Centre

“British Wildlife Centre”- Melanie

A dance of land and water

“A dance of land and water”- Ignacio Alonso

December’s Explore Takeover 

The color themed Explore Takeovers are really something to be seen and last month’s yellow Explore Takeover was no exception. For this month though, we are steering in a slightly different direction. We would love to see your photos that display a pattern, any pattern, no strict rules on this one. Whether it is created by hand, existing in nature or anything in between, we want to see them in Flickr Social! Share your pattern pics in the thread here and keep an eye out to see if yours is highlighted in our Dec. 28th Explore Takeover. Check out some of these beautiful patterns below for inspiration!

Round patterns at the Cascade stairway in Yerevan, Armenia

“Round patterns at the Cascade stairway in Yerevan, Armenia”- Jekurantodistaja


photo by Kaska Ppp

Natural patterns …

“Natural patterns …”- Eric Fotografie

See you next week!

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