November Product Release Notes and Flickr News

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What’s New?

From new stat updates to contest announcements and more, the last month was full of Flickr news! Read on to find a quick recap of what changes you may have seen come through last month and check out the recently posted Flickr FAQ blogs to make sure you are making the most of Flickr features.

New and Improved Stats Experience

Last month, we released a new stats experience for our FlickrPro members. With that release we’ve expanded the timeline to see your data, added the ability to download your stats as a CSV file and revamped the stats page layout. For a full overview of the improvements made to stats, read about that update and start checking out your own stats today!

Flickr Stats - Expanded

New App Updates and SafeSearch Improvements

We’ve had several mobile app updates come through this past month. Updates for both iOS and Android mobile apps released this past month help with some bug fixes and improvements. Make sure to check for updates on your device and download those to ensure you are using the most current version of the Flickr app.

We’ve also improved our SafeSearch feature to make searching Flickr even safer. That includes adding filters which factor in specific words that are more likely to include unmoderated content. You will receive a message alerting you when certain search terms do not pull up any results due to SafeSearch being enabled. Just a reminder, if you set your SafeSearch to moderate or off, that will disable this extra safety filter. You can read a full overview of how SafeSearch works on the help page.

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Photo by Michelle Robinson

Coming soon, MyFlickrYear 2023

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to give you a heads up that our end of year wrap up, MyFlickrYear 2023, will be available the first week of January 2024. Once it is live, MyFlickrYear can be accessed by all members who posted at least one photo to Flickr in 2023 (private or public) and received at least one photo view.  Your personalized MyFlickrYear 2023 report will be available on your Flickr account through the website and mobile-site experience (not available on the app) with multiple banners in your account and Stats sections. To learn more about MyFlickrYear, check out our new blog post here!

MyFlickrYear 2023 is (almost) back!

Flickr Features: Learn more about Galleries and Tagging 

If you’d like a quick refresher or to learn something new about Flickr features, check out our Flickr FAQs explaining how and why using features like Galleries and Tagging can enhance your Flickr experience and increase community engagement. Each article offers a quick little video to walk you through using the feature so you can get started using the features right away!

For more information on those features check out these articles: 

Flickr FAQs: Tagging, Searching, Trending, Repeat

Get to know Flickr Galleries

Your Best Shot 2023 Contest is Open!

Finally, we don’t want you to miss out on our most popular contest of the year, Your Best Shot. It kicked off on December 1st and runs through January 4th so there is plenty of time to submit a photo. We want to see the photo you took this year that you are most proud of! Learn more about the contest and see some of the amazing submissions already coming in by joining the Your Best Shot 2023 Flickr Group.  

See you next month!

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