Educate, Conserve, Activate – Celebrate World Ocean Day with Flickr

Proposed back in 1992 and officially launched as a global event in 2002, World Ocean Day will be celebrated all over the world this weekend, on June 8th. Organizers, conservationists and youth leaders around the world take this moment to collaborate and set goals to promote protection and sustainability of our oceans. This year the theme driving those actions is Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate. The continuing climate crisis and its repercussions have shown how more comprehensive legislation at the state, national and international levels is needed in order to protect our oceans. 

Sea Star

Sea Star – NOAA Ocean Exploration

As members of The Conservation Alliance and Climate Neutral Certified, we appreciate every opportunity that arises where we can shed light on conservation efforts, so celebrating World Ocean Day is a must. Flickr members are passionate about capturing the natural world through photography and we want to share some of those with you today, in honor of all of the oceans that sustain life on this planet. 

Meet Flickr member – NOAA Ocean Exploration 

Joining Flickr in 2008, NOAA Ocean Exploration is the only US federal organization dedicated to exploring deep oceans. Their work helps to close the gap in our understanding of deep waters and the seafloor. Much of the content they share on Flickr allows us first time glimpses of the wildlife and habits that can be found in parts of the ocean that we’ll never see with our own eyes. Check out some of the photos NOAA has shared to Flickr and make sure to visit their official website for more information about current projects and initiatives they are working on. 


Sunrise captured from the bow of NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer – NOAA Ocean Exploration


Shrimp, seen at a depth of 1,795 meters – NOAA Ocean Exploration

Sea Urchin

A sea urchin seen during a dive of the third Voyage to the Ridge expedition – NOAA Ocean Exploration

XBT Launcher

Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) launcher during the 2022 Caribbean Mapping Expedition – NOAA Ocean Exploration

Ocean fans on Flickr

If you are looking to dive even deeper into ocean pics on Flickr, there are Flickr groups out there just waiting. To get started, definitely check out I Love the Ocean/Sea. No people pics, just images featuring oceans and ocean life in all their vastness and beauty. 

Coral beach, Eilat

“Coral beach, Eilat” – Rol247*

Sunset on the Beach with Palm Trees at Makena Cove in Maui, Hawaii near Kihei

“Makena Cove in Maui, Hawaii near Kihei” – Shawn Kent

Sunrise @ Playa de Caleta II

“Sunrise @ Playa de Caleta II”- Jörg Bergmann

We hope you’ll take some time today to learn more about World Ocean Day and the important impact that ocean conservation has on this planet. You can find a map of events near you on the official World Ocean Day site. Also, make sure to check out the official 12 months of action calendar , as you look for ways to make your mark in ocean conservation. See you out there!

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