Happy 21st Birthday, Second Life!

Celebrating 21 Years!

Today, June 21st, marks the kick off to Second Life’s 21st birthday festivities. The Second Life community is celebrating their birthday for a whole month, rounding out events on July 21st. This year, their birthday theme is Elements

If you aren’t familiar with Second Life, it is a virtual world launched in 2003 by Linden Lab. Characters in the virtual Second Life communities interact with each other, roam freely through the world and participate in a fully developed economy incorporating user-generated content.

Many Second Life community members have also been Flickr community members for years and you can find their official birthday group right here on Flickr. For a more detailed run through of all of the birthday events, keep an eye on Second Life’s blog.

To celebrate the Second Life community and send some appreciation their way for being part of the Flickr community, we wanted to highlight a couple of popular Second Life Flickr groups. If you are interested in learning what Second Life is all about and are considering joining the Second Life community, these are some great places to visit, right here on Flickr. 

Official Second Life group

This group is the official Second Life Flickr group run by Linden Lab, creators of Second Life. Participating in this group can give you a chance to have your own Second Life creations featured in official campaigns, socials, and as the Second Life Pic of the Day!

~ Sunset In The Park ~

Second Life Landscapes only 

While many Second Life groups on Flickr focus on Second Life avatars, this group offers something a little different by focusing on the landscape of the Second Life worlds. Enjoy a walk through these creative and beautiful virtual landscapes created by Second Life members all over the world.

Lighthouse at the Isle of May

And don’t forget to check out the Official Second Life Birthday Celebration group to stay up to date on birthday events and announcements throughout the month. Happy Birthday, Second Life!