Mono Monday: Pets

For this week’s Mono Monday, we’re smiling at pets, and sometimes their humans. The photos in this post are some of the nicer black and white images with animals many people keep as pets.

Photographer Spotlight: Anthony Samaniego

We’re excited to profile Anthony Samaniego, a Los Angeles-based photographer whose remarkable portfolio delights us and gives us pause to speculate how he captured his shots. Shooting exclusively on film, he creates moody double exposures and fantastic blurs that make you want to embrace the Southern California cool aesthetic.

Photographer Spotlight: Eduardo Acierno

Eduardo Acierno realized his first success in photography using an old point-and-shoot camera; he edits his amazing work with a free, open-source software program. He wants to drive home a point, that anyone can take great photos and anyone can do it with modest equipment.

Global Street Art Photo Walk August 2nd and 3rd!

The #Flickr10 Global Photo Walks in May were so much fun, we’re putting a call out for another weekend of walks with old friends and new. The best way to enjoy the best photo community in the world is face to face, so mark your calendars for the weekend of August 2nd and 3rd, reach out to your friends, organize a walk, and share your photos on Flickr.

Mono Monday: leading lines

For this week’s Mono Monday, we’re celebrating leading lines. These photos below are some of our favorites from the past few weeks on Flickr. Please feel free to share your best leading lines photos by tweeting your Flickr images with #MonoMonday or add a comment with a link on our Facebook and Google+ pages.