Velkommen Riksarkivet to The Commons

"Parti ved Eiteraaens Opkomst. Mo. Dunderlandsdalen, Helgeland"   "Parti fra Svartisdalen, Mo, Helgeland"

Bryggen i Bergen

Dieter Neuendorfs sølvsvev under Spesielt hopprenn, liten bakke i Midtstubakken, VM på ski i Oslo 1966  Vigelandsparken

Kiosken på St. Hanshaugen          "Raya"         Moter, sommeren 1953

Rengjerde i Jørenskaret

We warmly welcome the National Archives of Norway to the Flickr Commons. Their photo collections cover a big time span from 1860 up until today showing images from private and public archives.

The archives include many unique photos showing many aspects of Norwegian history, including royalty and celebrities, photos of beautiful Norwegian nature and scenery, documentation of industry, historical events like World War II or the Nordic World Ski Championships of 1966, and Norwegian development during the last century.

We invite you to take a look around, and share your tags and comments with the Riksarkivet.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen