#FlickrFriday: Polka Dots

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Yash Photo Models 2013 #PolkaDots Polka Dot Maniac


02 - July - 2013:  Too many dots Barefoot in the Grass


# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #PolkaDots.

Last week was all about fashion and round circly things that jumped in front of your lens. You dressed up, decorated your faces as well as your everyday life, and staged little spots in the wild. All the above and much more can be explored in the Flickr Friday group pool for everyone to enjoy.

Once you start seeing circles, give your eyes a rest and then pick up your camera to start shooting for our new Flickr Friday theme #Yesterday. We know we cannot bend time, but we’re still sure you will come up with many great ideas, not just revolving around the Beatles song. The weekly selection of your shots will be showcased right here on Flickr Blog next Friday.

Photos from Girl With Butterfly Wings, YashPhoto, snapclicktripod, _anke_, liisatuulia, Ash if, Katja.K., and Victoria Söderström.

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Posted by Kay Kremerskothen