The weekend in red and blue

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Los Angeles

Reflections from a vanishing day

dream in an open place

Caminando hacia el otoño....

Derniers rayons sur la Gruyère

Photos from d.r.i.p., steinliland, =anja=, T.I.T.A., Arafinwë, and rbnisonfire, uploaded during the weekend.

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#FlickrFriday: Pure Beauty

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A view of Martha's Vineyard Fairy Floss

Just for your Flickr Friday shot, how is this pose?

Weekend Comos Rhone Glacier, Belvédère Moonlit City

14 - Sep - 2013 - Pur(é)e Beauty

Marokopa Falls Sài Gòn train station into purebeauty lanterns

#PureBeauty #FlickrFriday Like a bubble :D


Ms. Ellen

# Our previous Flickr Friday theme was #PureBeauty, and here is the weekly selection of your submissions.

We saw a lot of different interpretations of the theme, dominant among them the pure beauty of nature in many forms, ranging from beautiful people to stunning landscapes: We saw clouds over Martha’s Vineyard, nightfall at Pass-a-Grille Beach and Marokopa Falls in New Zealand, but also the beauty of a path through the Swiss Rhone Glacier or a double exposure of red lights and the train station in the Vietnamese metropolis Sài Gòn. Dive deeper into last week’s theme and discover all the other submissions in the Flickr Friday group pool.

In addition to your submissions, we also asked you to curate your favorites, and we’d like to invite you to check out your galleries.

For our new theme we are looking for great representations of #WhiteSpace. You may take a minimalistic approach or play with white space in a more typographic sense. You have time until the announcement of the new theme next Friday to take your shot and submit it to the Flickr Friday group to be featured here on the Flickr blog. If you would like to curate your favorites as well, show us your galleries.

Photos from BobbyProm, RAW107, LAZYKiuikori, dK.i photography, Khánh Hmoong, akarakoc, GoodApollo_66, Pittypomm, Kate Adams 1993, Pankha Nikon, Famoustache, Shannon*M, naql, and Aloog2013.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Blending painterly elements with photography

“When I see people moving up real close to have a look at my work, just to see if it’s a photograph or a painting… honestly, I just love it!”, says fine art photographer, Ellen McDermott.

“I love the fact that they don’t know what it is,” she tells The Weekly Flickr in the accompanying video. “It just makes me feel good that I’m doing something that they haven’t seen before.”

Ellen, from Wicklow, Ireland, began her career as an oil painter, often using photography as an aid. Over time, her passion for photography grew and eventually took over her artistic interests. Putting away her oil paints, Ellen developed a new aesthetic that was best suited for digital photography. Her images evolved to become beautiful photo portraits, set against a serene Irish landscape with painted finishes (using Gimp and Photoshop), like The Girl With the Fish.

Anna Livia Pleurabelle

“It was just a natural progression for me to go to photography and then paint on top of it,” explains Ellen. “I’ve had oil-painting artists tell me, ‘ I’m not an artist, I’m a photographer.’ I’ve also had photographers tell me, ‘I’m not a photographer, I’m an artist.’ I would say my work is computer-generated art, which takes into consideration both photography and all that I learned through my art — painting, colors, cohesiveness of the picture and things like that. I just love it.”

Ellen’s work has been described as “enigmatic with a romantic sensibility that uses nature to explore the story of human emotion” — a theme that she’s fascinated by.

“I am interested in the juxtapositions between beauty and ugliness, pleasure and pain, freedom and the feeling of being tied down by things beyond our control,” Ellen explains. “In everything that’s peaceful, there’s something that’s sad too. It’s just a part of life, and I find it interesting. Whenever I’m feeling some sort of emotion, I like to get out there creatively in my work.”

Queen Maeve

Ellen also has an interest in capturing the innocence of children. She even uses her own four daughters as muses in her photographs.

“I think that children are just so honest and truthful,” Ellen says. “They’re like a blank canvas. Having four children is great because they like to plan out what the shoot is going to be, what props we’re going to use, etc. We do it together, and they get a great kick out of it, and I do too.”

Although Ellen’s work is contemporary and figurative, many of her pieces are in fact autobiographical and deeply personal.

the heart that never sees what it loves following intuition

“I don’t necessarily tell a lot of people about my life, but I do it in my art,” Ellen explains. “I, myself, sometimes look back at my work, and I can just see the different states of my life and notice the changes. In the last couple years since my husband passed away — which was a bit of a shock — but I’ve got four lovely daughters, and now a creative outlet for all that. I find my work cathartic and healing. It’s a release, and I’m thankful for all of that.”

Ellen says photography is and will always be a part of her. Besides her children and family, it’s the best thing in her life. She hopes others, whatever circumstance in life they’re in, can find a similar passion.

“There’s always a way that we can express ourselves,” Ellen says. “I think when you bottle something up inside, when you hold a secret in, or something like that, it just always comes out in the end. I think you need to, to let it out, and this is my way of letting things out.”

Ellen’s overall style is far from settled as she continues to change and experiment. Each day, she says, she’s inspired by striving to do something she’s never done before.

“When I think about creating a work of art, it’s usually me trying to see what I can do rather than show what I can do,” Ellen explains. “I’m continuously trying to push myself to try new things, and accomplishing this challenge gives me satisfaction. I love Flickr for that very reason. There’s so much inspiration to be found there. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Visit Ellen’s photostream to see more of her photography.

Watch the video of how a 14-year-old photographer became an internet sensation with his photos of surreal miniature worlds.

WeeklyFlickr LogoDo you want to be featured on The Weekly Flickr? We are looking for your photos that amaze, excite, delight and inspire. Share them with us in the The Weekly Flickr Group, or tweet us at @TheWeeklyFlickr.

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Freelensing is a technique where a photograph is taken with the camera lens physically separated from the camera body. Because it just uses the lenses you already have, it is virtually zero-cost. This unpredictable but creative approach creates beautiful light leaks, and tilting the lens even a modest amount turns the in-focus area volume into a wedge, allowing for shots with unconventional depth-of-field.

acoustic freelensing 5

Freelensing yawwwwww



Every light has a story

A high vantage point and careful placement of the lens can be used to create the illusion of miniaturizing the scene below, emulating the effect achieved with tilt-shift lenses – all without the need to fake the effect in post-processing.

Smooth Sea

Final Inning

Photos from Pierre Pocs Photography, Muhammad Barrrrnnneey, onemor_etime, Daniel, Marina Nozyer, Sebastian Angulo and Jacob Waites.

See more in the Freelensing group.

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Say Hello to Flickr in iOS 7

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As of today iOS 7, Apple’s new mobile OS, is available and we are very happy to say that Flickr is part of the new experience. Your photos can now be shared to Flickr directly through iOS 7, regardless if you are in the Photos application or from other 3rd party apps that make use of this new iOS 7 functionality.

Flickr in iOS 7

To connect your device with iOS 7 and Flickr, you simply need to go to Settings and enter your Yahoo ID and password. Please note that in order to use the Flickr integration, you must have a Yahoo account. In case you sign-in to Flickr via your Facebook and Google account, you can upgrade to a full Yahoo account. We made the upgrade process as easy as possible and within just a few steps you will be able to pick your Yahoo! ID and setup a password that you can then use to connect your existing Flickr account with iOS 7.

With iOS 7 it’s now even easier to get your photos to Flickr, regardless if you are using the built-in functionality, or the Flickr app with its full filter and editing features.

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Bridges galore

Viaduc de Millau


Newcastle Gateshead Quayside

Another Angle

infinity  bridge (  explore  )

Millenium Bridge



Benson Footbridge

Zakim Bridge

First Time


Blue Bridge

Bay Bridge by night

As we approach 30,000 groups related to them, bridges are a big deal in our community. The new ones, old ones, the ones that seem to go on endlessly — these pathway projects show up in our most popular photos often. Their beauty and diverse designs are accentuated in a range of lighting situations and angles from many of you.

See more remarkable photography in the Beautiful Bridge Shots gallery.

Photos from papy06200, Roderik van der Kamp, Andyh321, Ballet Lausanne, ivor miller, ccr_358, n.pantazis, albert dros, 1riverat, SueZinVT, teri037, kenny barker, Riddhish Chakraborty, and Jasmijn Hormann.

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Wilderness of Alaska


Sparring in Brooks River

Working on my Tan

Mud flats, Turnagain Arm

Northern Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris)


Holgate Tidewater Glacier and Small Cruise Ship


Scenes of wildlife and glacier areas from Kenai Fjords National Park and Katmai National Monument in Alaska. The U.S. National Park Service describes Kenai as the desination “where mountains, ice, and ocean meet.”

See, and share, more photos in the Alaska’s Wilderness gallery and Katmai National Park and Preserve group

Photos from gutowski.michal, SandyK29, chaines9, Carol Mitchell, Ramona H, slobirdr, Lord Walt, colinLmiller, and richard.mcmanus..

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#FlickrFriday: Business as usual

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33-Flickr Friday#Business As Usual

Travel - Business As Usual #FlickrFriday 8 - Sep - 2013 - Superhero Business As Usual

Washing machine as usual

when big is too big The Watcher


C'est la routine / Business as usual #FlickrFriday #BusinessAsUsual #FlickrFriday Walking My City

Business As Usual

World domination, what else! in the bag-testing business

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #BusinessAsUsual, and here is the weekly selection of your submissions.

While business was not as usual at FlickrHQ last week, we were still curious how you would interpret the theme. And you did not disappoint. From your favorite photo subjects, to your workplace, to getting all dressed up. There were many examples of your usual business. Check out all the submissions in the Flickr Friday group.

In addition to your submissions, we also asked you to curate your favorites, and we’d like to invite you to check out the galleries by ColleenM, Pittypomm, Derek Hall, davidwells75, dpanyikdale, and Franz Walter2013

For our new theme we want to know what #PureBeauty means to you. It could be a wonderful evening sky, your smiling sweetheart, a watercolor painting. Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we are sure we will see at the end of the week what you deem beautiful. As always, we will curate our favorite submissions here after the next theme has been announced. If you would like to curate your favorites as well, show us your galleries.

Photos from Msgodzilla, Derek Hall, Pittypomm, Goodtime NL, dK.i photography, ~Jim~, Dondu.Small, Laurent VALENCIA, davidwells75, 9bladed, ♫CoolMcFlash♫, Margot in Love, and Charlotta Brockeye.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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Crepuscular Rays

Heavenly Mailbox

Morning Mist in the Presidio

Crepuscular rays are an atmospheric effect where rays of sunlight appear to stream through gaps in clouds and other obstructions. The effect occurrs most frequently at dawn and twilight.

meditation on light

While the rays appear to converge on the sun, they are in fact parallel and only appear this way because of perspective.

Magic light

Another related effect are crepuscular shadows. This is particularly notable in foggy conditions, where strong sunlight casts the shadows of objects into the fog.

The Waterfall of Light

    Fog Shadow of Sutro Tower   cloud_shadows

marine building, vancouver

If you’d like to discover more photos like to ones above, check out other photos tagged crepuscular.

Photos from Malcolm MacGregor, fksr, David Mor, Lucas Janin, Conor MacNeill, Mila, Phillip Isola and tilo driessen.

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World Heritage Site: Rice terraces of China

Sunrise at DuoYiShu Rice Terraces, China 多依树日出

Not an inch is spared

Yuanyang 40

Yunnan III (Feb. 13) Yuanyang-Xinjie

Yunnan 云南 Yuanyang 元阳县 Laohuzui 老虎嘴 terrasses de Baoshanzhai 保山寨 travaux dans les rizières

As one of the newly inscribed properties on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the rice terraces in Yunnan, China, produce a visually striking agricultural landscape built by the Hani people for over 1,300 years. It’s a harmonious environment, where 82 villages continue to thrive from farming the cascading irrigation system and manage a sustainable ecology.

See more photos in the China’s Cascading Terraces gallery and Yunnan on Flickr Places.

Photos from loraineltai, snoreis, jtan4, Syydehaas, and mekong69.

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