#FlickrFriday: The Best Memory of My Life

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2013, ended with several memories. BMoYL

The Best Memory of My Life... DSCF4170_au some of #TheBestMemoryOfMyLife (Les meilleurs souvenirs de ma vie)

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#FlickrFriday #TheBestMemoryOfMyLife

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #TheBestMemoryOfMyLife. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

It was great to see the memories that really matter to you. You reminisced about the feeling of being home with the smell of your favorite food in the air, your wedding day, the honeymoon, and new life joining your family. Thank you for sharing those special moments of your life with us.

All of your contributions can be seen in the Flickr Friday group pool and the curations of your favorites are showcased in the galleries thread of last week’s theme.

Our new theme is inspired by a very well-known British secret agent, James Bond. We want to see your interpretations of #ShakenNotStirred. It can be as easy as photographing 007′s favorite drink, the Vodka Martini. If you want to spend more time on the topic, let your creativity run wild and see what else can be shaken, no stirred. We can’t wait to see you interpretations of the new theme hit the Flickr Friday group.

The more the merrier! Remember that FlickrFriday thrives through variety, and we’re always looking for additional people joining the project. So if you have a friend who might be interested – no matter if they are just starting with photography or are long-time photographers – let them know about FlickrFriday! You can do so by reteweeting us or sharing our Facebook status. A selection from our favorites will be showcased here on FlickrBlog next week.

Photos from dayseven2013, Sunshine Lady !, Rémi. P., Daveography.ca, thebiblioholic, jp.Chambard, mie_songsfromarcadia, Frà C., and Audrey’s photography.

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