Throwback Thursday: Costica Acsinte

In this throwback journey through the photographic past, let’s take a look at fascinating studio portraits from Costică Acsinte — a Romanian veteran of the First World War — to Nan Palmero’s side-by-side portrait comparison that spans 21 years in Paris.

“Born 4th of July, 1897 in a small village called Perieți, Ialomița County, Costică Acsinte fought in WWI. Despite his formation as a pilot, he was a official war photographer till 15th of June, 1920. As soon as the war was over, he opened a studio” – Costică Acsinte Archive

“The hunt for the Governor gang of bushrangers. A posse of mounted police, aboriginal trackers and district volunteers. Jimmy & Joe Governor were sighted at Stewarts Brook on 12 September 1900 – Stewarts Brook, NSW” – State Library of New South Wales

“Albert Hall, Launceston. Union Jack Gymnasium display. S Spurling photo (1910)” – Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office Commons

“First World War torpedo boat destoyer HMS Opal, is prepared for launch at the East Yard of William Doxford & Sons Ltd, September 1915.” Sunderland, U.K. – Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

“Chief Jim Humchitt with potlatch bowl, masks, talking stick and button blanket at Kingcome Inlet, British Columbia. Date: 1926. Photographer/Studio: Paull, Albert.” – Vancouver Public Library Historical Photographs

Maya Angelou with Governor Jim Martin at the North Carolina Awards, 6 November 1987. From AV Materials, Photo Collections, Events Files, 1987, State Archives of North Carolina. – State Archives of North Carolina Raleigh, NC

“The original on the left was shot in 1991. 21 years later, in 2012, we came back to the Louvre to redo the photo.” – Nan Palmero

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