Surreal underwater photo shoot

Benjamin Von Wong likes to light people on fire, transport them into surreal worlds, and sink them in underwater shipwrecks. The 27-year-old photographer aims to blur the line between fantasy and reality with his epic photo shoots, and the results are mesmerizing larger-than-life images.

Flickr Friday: Alien

It’s Flickr Friday, and they are among us! Uur new challenge is ALIEN! Show us little green men and women, discover their abandoned vessels camouflaged as modern architecture and show us where you spot them in your every day life. Start shooting today for our week-long challenge.

Throwback Thursday: Homes

In this week’s throwback journey, let’s explore the housing of the past: the 1930s Sonneveld House of The Netherlands, a Norwegian farmhouse, a Native American hut, company houses in Canada’s clear-cutting operations, and more offered in the archives from The Commons.