FlickrFriday: Surprise!

Surprise! it’s Friday and this is our #FlickrFriday Theme. We want you to surprise us with surprising shots. Interpret whatever this theme means to you: it could be the astonishment in the face of your friend when it’s her/his birthday surprise; it could be the reaction to an unexpected punchline to a joke; it could even be your expression of surprise when hearing good news!

Wildlife Wednesday: Bears

For this week, we’re highlighting the lives of bears through exceptional photography. From scenes in Finland to Japan to the U.S., this picture selection explores the nature of these playful and powerful mammals.

20under20 Spotlight: Katharina Jung

Katharina is a fine-art and portrait photographer from Hermeskeil, Germany, and one of our 20under20. Since February 2013, she converts her daydreams into images. After finishing her diploma as a media designer in June 2014 she will go to Bali and travel through New Zealand with her camera. Read on for our full interview.

Mono Monday: Joel Tjintjelaar

For Mono Monday, follow us into the artistic mind and vision of Joel Tjintjelaar, whose photography will transport you to unfamiliar cities of stark angles and bright, soaring infrastructure.