Flickr Weekend Samplr: XXV/2014

If you’re like us, you’ve been out taking beautiful photos and finding inspiration in the vast Flickrverse. Enjoy this sample or our favorites and have a wonderful week capturing your most stunning moments!

Flickr Friday: Mist and Fog

Sometimes the air is so thick that we could not see through it clearly, and everything just becomes blurred. But sometimes it creates a special beauty just because everything is blurred. It the theme for #FlickrFriday this week: #MistAndFog.

Fall foliage 2014

When autumn comes around, we always look forward to seeing all the vibrant gold and red colors in natural landscapes. Here’s a small sample of the splendid photography that’s showing up in a fall foliage search on Flickr for this year.

Wildlife Wednesday: Cheetahs

For this week, we’re highlighting the lives of cheetahs through exceptional photography. From curious cheetahs on the lookout in Tanzania to a dog playing with a cheetah at the zoo, this picture selection explores the fastest land animals in the world.