A global day of #Flickr10 Photo Walks

#sfflickrmeetup crew

As part of the celebration of Flickr’s 10th birthday we’re putting a call out for a global day of Flickr photo walks! Let’s continue to celebrate 10 years of the best photo community by gathering with Flickreenos new and old and set out to document the world around us.

It’s all happening on Sunday, 4 May 2014, and we need you to help organize the photo walks in your area. Hook up with your favorite Flickr group or call on long-lost Flickr members who you haven’t seen in a while. Invite friends and family, invite people from your work, your social scene, or your virtual networks. Start a scavenger hunt, explore the history of your city or town, climb a hill, sail a boat, take pictures of bridges–whatever your fancy, join us!

How to get involved

  • Join the #Flickr10 Global Photo Walks group and start a discussion topic for the area where you’re going to organize your photo walk. Feel free to ask any questions you have in the group discussions and share ideas for fun ways to organize photo walks.
  • Go to the Flickr Meetup groups and find your city or region. If there isn’t already an announcement, start your own and let other Meetup members know about it: www.meetup.com/flickr/

NYC Flickr Meetup, Brooklyn Bridge Park, 4/14/12

Spread the word

*Share the announcement with your friends through Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

*Remember to ask folks to tag their pictures and updates with #Flickr10photowalk. Adding this tag to your photo will automatically add your photo to the #Flickr10 Global Photo Walks group pool.

*Consider also tagging your photos with #Flickr10 and #YourCity (using the city where you are organizing your photowalk).

WE / ArtMuseumGarden

Tips for organizing a photo walk

Meet at a cafe, park, or public plaza — Be sure everyone can easily find the meetup location.

Pick a good time — We recommend starting around mid morning or mid-to-late afternoon. Aim for a 1-2 hour walk.

Make it short — A big group tends to walk quite slowly and it’s better to cover a small area really well than to sprint through a longer walk.

Have everyone tag their photos — Remember to ask folks to tag their pictures and updates with a unique tag (#Flickr10Photowalk) and the location of your walk so you can easily find the photos later.

Be prepared — Try to familiarize yourself with the area before the walk. You can also organize guest speakers to talk about the route or the photo walk’s topic like local art or history. This will help engage the others joining you for the walk and make it memorable. :)

End at an oasis — Pick somewhere that serves food or drink for the final destination of your photo walk and inquire if reservations are necessary. Share the location with participants upfront in case someone gets lost along the way or wants to join later on. Ideally it’s a venue suitable for all ages particularly if you’re expecting under-21s to come along, otherwise a nice pub is quite social as well.

Ushers – People walk at different speeds so it’s good to have ushers to keep the crowd together. Ask your friends to help or get volunteers at the start of the event.

Local residents — Some photo walks are going to be in and around where people live or work. Please be respectful and keep your group from blocking public access areas.

Accessibility – If you’re expecting participants who are disabled, it helps to pick a route that is short and is wheelchair friendly (the fewer hills, the better).

Be reachable — Share a contact phone number, email address or nominate a Twitter feed for updates on location.

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