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Lonely Planet Photo Challenges group

Osmanli Macunu

We love how diverse the Flickrverse is, and besides the sheer amount of photos you upload every day, we have an incredible number of wonderful groups in which you can showcase and share them.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the Lonely Planet: Photo Challenges group, which is run by the Community team at Lonely Planet. Given that travel is one of the most interesting topics among photographers, it’s little wonder there are so many Flickr members in the group and so many wonderful photos.

Every week, Jane (LP) announces a new challenge to the members of the group, who have one week so submit a photo based on the theme. Members then have to vote on 5 photos related to the theme from the previous week. Like many other challenge groups on Flickr, the Lonely Planet group sees a lot of engagement around the themes.

If you’re interested, check out the group rules and contribute a photo for the latest Getaway challenge. The photos in this post are a selection from the winning photos from the theme “Sweet.

really_fastCandy Rats
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