17 December, 2004

In our neverending quest to make Flickr better, we’ve added another couple of new bits.

In addition to the newly improved Recent Comments page that shows you recent notes, comments, and tags added to your photos, we’ve given the Comments You’ve Made page a similar overhaul. See what you think!

We’ve also added a few other types of batches so you can grab a bunch of photos to edit as a group. First, you will see a new “Edit” link on your sets page, when you’re looking at your own photos. Second, have a look in your new archives pages – try photos you took in December 2004 – You will see a new “Edit this as a batch” link.

So, now there’s another collection of photos you can add the same tag to, change the privacy settings on, or delete in one go. (You might want to be careful doing this with big batches!)