20 April, 2007

Image File Naming: We’ve introduced a few changes around image file names to address privacy concerns and possible caching issues: — Changing the privacy level […]

18 April, 2007

Filter tweaks: We’ve heard your feedback and made a couple of changes. Previously, any relationship (“contact”, “friends” and “family”) would override your safety settings. We’ve […]

10 April, 2007

You’ll notice more changes in the forums. We’ve streamlined Flickr Help and Bugs into the One True Forum. This is better because a) we only […]

22 March, 2007

We’ve rolled out content filtering which allows you to flag your images as you upload and also set your viewing preferences for what you’d like […]

15 March, 2007 (a)

Change to the old skool account merge deadline In order to avoid any last minute problems for people with unmerged “old skool” Flickr accounts, we’re […]

15 March, 2007

You can now transfer your Flickr account between two different Yahoo! IDs. We’ve added links to the transfer tool on your account preferences page. If […]

13 March, 2007

New feature alert! We’ve just launched a new Pro feature, a way to organize your photo sets. We call them “collections” and you can read […]