19 January, 2007

Important Security Notice

Recently there have been attempts to lure Flickr members to web pages which look similar to Flickr and invite people to enter their password or download a “package” of private Flickr photos.

Flickr does not offer downloads of photo packages, self-extracting archives of photos, private or otherwise. If you see a link which offers something similar — even if it appears in a comment or posting left by a member you are familiar with — please use the “Report Abuse” link at the bottom of every Flickr page to let us know.

This is not a problem specific to Flickr, but there have recently been Flickr members targeted. We don’t want to see anyone affected so it is important that you exercise caution in your clicking.

How you can protect yourself:

  • Make sure that the address locator bar of your browser is visible. If you follow a link anywhere in the site that leads to a page that looks like Flickr but the URL is not flickr.com, please use the Report Abuse form listed in the footer of every page to let us know. We have active filtering and we’d like to review any comment so that we can add new URLs to these filters.


  • Flickr members can only sign in to Flickr on “login.yahoo.com” (excepting “old skool members” until March 15, 2007). For your own protection, you should review the information available at security.yahoo.com.

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