15 March, 2007 (a)

Change to the old skool account merge deadline

In order to avoid any last minute problems for people with unmerged “old skool” Flickr accounts, we’re moving the cutover date to Tuesday, March 20th.

We had hoped to launch a Yahoo! ID “switcher” — a tool that allows people to change the Yahoo! ID with which their Flickr account is associated, transferring the Flickr account to the second Yahoo! ID — before the cutoff date, but we didn’t have a design for the transfer tool that made it simple enough until today.

That tool just launched (see above) and we wanted to have a few days with it running in the wild before requiring that everyone use a Yahoo! ID to sign in to Flickr.

We’ll also be adding reminder notifications for the remaining old skool users letting them know about this change to the date.