Adventures in Flickr biking

purple bike

In daily life you experience a lot more than you’d think to take pictures of. Enter the photobike or Flickrbike (no proper name yet, really). The bikes automatically create a photographic map of where they’ve been – no trigger fingers required – and were built by the awesome folks at Uncommon Projects.


The bikes were sent to a few Flickr members in California, New York, Vermont, New Jersey and Brighton, England and can be followed at the Yahoo! site, “Start Wearing Purple”. Needless to say, the novelty of riding your camera around town has caught on – curious stares ensue as the bikes doggedly snap pictures every minute or so and post them to accompanying Flickr accounts.

Dogseat's Bike took a picture!    Amit's bike took a picture!

Gina's Bike took a picture!    Jessamyn's Bike took a picture!

Gayla's Bike took a picture!'s bike took a picture!

Stay tuned – we’re hoping to convince the guys at UP to design a DIY system that anyone could use to try photobiking.

Thanks to Jessamyn’s Bike, Gayla’s Bike,’s bike, Amit’s bike, Dogseat’s Bike and