Scotland: Then and Now

[Ballochmyle Viaduct, Mauchline, Scotland] (LOC)

The Fishers Tryst

    Dunottar in green

[Wallace Statue I, Stirling, Scotland] (LOC) IMG_1221  Wallace Monument  Wallace Monument from below  memorial  Monumento a William Wallace, Escocia: reconocimiento a un héroe

The Library of Congress has uploaded an additional 182 images into their gorgeous collection of Photochrom Travel Views. Where in the world are we now? Scotland.

With a brief search, I found a few examples of “then” and “now” views. If you enjoy photo sleuthing as I do, please share your discoveries in this discussion topic that zyrcster has begun in the Flickr Commons Group.

“Now” photos from joevl, _Anima_, Linsey Rhodes Photography, FotoFling Scotland, keiththrn, rob_fuel, and egregor46.