12 Flickr Superstars

Night, Santiago, 1980

Anytime anybody comes up with something that’s either “the best of” or a list that labels our members as “superstars”, a little part of me wanders into the corner to whimper quietly.

28:365 - AMERICAN PHOTO "12 flickr SUPERSTARS"Why? Well, it’s an impossible task and one that’s so subjective, guaranteed to facilitate at least one tempest in a teapot. Look at the Top 500? Have you ever seen something that’s made more people bat-poop crazy? (If I had a time machine, I know what my first course of action would be.)

The May/June issue of American Photographer included a list of Flickr Superstars. Omeyisland picked up the issue and had the following to say:

“My immediate reaction was thank god there are no photographers who overly use HDR. It looks like only Patrick Smith might enhance his pictures with HDR? Otherwise they are all pretty good. The only one I have, as a contact is Rose and Olive I have come across Natalie’s stream, and Lauren’s but didn’t feel the need to add them as a contact, so instead of Critiquing these 12, I have decided to start a theme, and a group pick your 12 favorite Flickr Photographers, it’s kind of like that 16 things about me or what ever that was, but this way you pick 12 Flickr photographers that you think are the best, this way maybe we can find some real superstars or at least create a few more.”

Her challenge? Join the group and add your own 12 Flickr Superstars.

The lists are phenomenal (except maybe the one from Arty Smokes) and the words behind the selections make this endeavor even more exceptional.

Photo from Marcelo Montecino, selected by krameroneill in his list. American Photo mag photo from .KyKy..