Here thar be dragons…

powering up

14:20 PM PDT: To recap from our Forum post, we deployed a change which introduced a bug that was not caught previously. Our WWW servers became overwhelmed, and this affected the API as well. As previously mentioned, if you posted one of your photos in your blog, those were working as our image servers were not affected, but if you had an application in use that was using the Flickr API, it would not have been available. We apologize for the outage; as always, we hate it as you do.

11:26 AM PDT: We’ve got WWWs serving up again, and we also have an official Help Forum topic here. We’re still working on lingering issues, but things are on the mend.

10:50 AM PDT: Hey, we wanted to make sure you all knew, if you embedded photos from a photopage on Flickr, we are still serving them. So, if they are posted to your blog, your photos will still be showing there. What we are doing now is working on getting all our WWW servers back on for everyone; this includes bringing the API back up, which has been affected as well. Sorry for the downtime to everyone, we hate it as much as you!

10:05 AM PDT: We’re still here working on getting things up and serving to you, shouldn’t be too much longer!

9:18 AM, PDT: Hello! All hands are on deck over here and we’re still working on getting things back up for everyone. Apologies for the disruption!

8:51 AM, PDT: Ahoy everyone! Flickr is experiencing problems at the present time, and our engineers are all in the main engine room, working on resolving the issue. Please hang tight, and we’ll have things back for you as soon as possible. If we need to, we’ll post an update for you here.

Photo by whatnot.