Welcome the National Archives UK to the Commons!

Join us in welcoming the National Archives UK as the newest member of the Commons on Flickr. Located in Kew, in the west of London, they are the UK government’s official archive.

Holding over 900 years of history, they bring a smattering of images from parchment to digital media. Churchill? Got him! World War II archives? Got them! Fun on the beach in Barbados? They’ve got it! Jane Austen’s will? Yes!

The Fifties in 3D

The Big Three at Yalta

Carrying Children London Olympics Gas Defence

Barbados Flip

Aerial Bombing

Camel Corps

Carriers Crossing a River

The Commons on Flickr holds the world’s public photography archives that you can annotate and access. These photos have No Known Copyright Restrictions.

We hope you’ll tag them with information, comment on them, add the National Archives as a contact and make a few faves. They welcome geotag suggestions, too, which you can do by adding machine tags as follows, if you know the coordinates of where the images were taken:



Photos from the National Archives UK.