History of the Heartland: new Commons members!

Wartime Seder

Boy Scouts, Troop 10, 1918

Please join us in welcoming two institutions to The Commons from the midwestern United States: the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest, featuring the Jewish history of Minnesota, the Dakotas, Northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the Upper Arlington Archives, the digital library initiative of the Upper Arlington Public Library in Ohio.

They both have a fine slice of early 20th Century heartland Americana in their collections. We look forward to seeing your stories unfold in the comments and tags of these photos if you have history to share. Galleries are another great way to blend together Commons images to weave a story. One fascinating aspect of The Commons on Flickr is the ability to search the world’s public archives to find themes across nations, culture, and time. The photographs in The Commons carry No Known Copyright Restrictions, too. Enjoy!

Children Playing on Miller Park Playground, 1917

Trolley Line Terminus at Miller Park in 1921

Minneapolis Mars basketball team

Wagon with Weinberg Department Store logo on the cab

Salesmen in front of Rudolph's Furniture Store, Duluth

Photos from the UA Archives and the Jewish Historical Society.