Facebook, Twitter, geotagging oh my!


We add features and make others better all the time to let you do more with your photos. We thought we’d do a quick round up and reminder about a few of them, and let you know about an update to the Facebook integration.

Connect your Facebook & Flickr accounts
A month ago we launched a new and improved way to share your Flickr photos with your friends and family on Facebook. After you connect your accounts we’ll automatically send an update to your Facebook feed when you upload public photos or videos.

When we first launched we sent updates for every upload but have recently made a change so that we only send an update for each batch of uploads. To manage your settings, first, make sure you’re logged into Flickr and then go to this link. Read the full story here.

Snap a photo on your phone and share it to your Flickr and Twitter posse at the same time. The subject line of your photo will become your Twitter message. Just like that. You can share your Flickr content either via “upload by email” or tweet images already on the site. Learn more about getting set up here or check out the FAQs.

Geotagging, adding location information to things like a photo, is so very right now. You can geotag your photos using Organizr by dragging and dropping them on to the map where you took them. Some of the fancier phones (you know who you are) submit the data along with the photo, just make sure your settings on your phone are set to upload that. Or, on the photo page just click ‘add to map’ and a new window will open and you can drag and drop your photo right onto the location. Adding geo information to your photos helps add to the story and helps connect you to the people and places around the world.

Photo from derboti.

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