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Congrats to Deltalex.! Her work was recently featured in the Russian issue of Harper’s Bazaar. She was visiting New York City with her family when she took her snapshop of the Big Apple, capturing the city’s spirit in a way that elated the Bazaar’s editors:

New York, baby.

I asked Deltalex. if she would like to share the story of her photo with us, and she happily agreed. Here is—in her own words—how the photo came to be:

It was a complete “spur of the moment” shot. I’d never been to New York before but had always wanted to go. I love the way it’s structured, how the streets are so neatly positioned. It differed from Sydney. I loved being on top of a red double decker bus, not knowing what I’d see down the next street.

It was at this particular moment when I spontaneously pressed the shutter release button, not aware of what the picture would look like. I remember going through my photos from my great American Trip after returning home. I had selected this particular image to upload onto flickr, sharing with anyone who viewed my stream, my personal view of New York. Who knew that it would be featured in such a well known magazine?

I often think over the entire situation and realise that this image, this spontaneous shot has been and will be that something that may convince that weary family travelling overseas for the first time, or that young couple looking for an experience. They’ll be looking at my picture and will form some sort of an opinion and view of New York.

That personal engagement from an audience is what I want to achieve and in this case, it’s highly likely that it’s happened. It just completely amazes me.

Yes, some may say that it’s just another picture of New York, but I think it’s unique. You can see that slight angle and the almost distorted-effect as you stare into the distance. I think it truly captures the “New York feel”.

The pictures I take, be it landscapes, portraits etc. they’re capturing memories and that’s what I love.

Thanks, Deltalex., for letting us take part in your experience!

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