Welcome the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives to The Commons

Wilson's Second Inauguration

Interior of Versailles

The Big Four

President Wilson with Advisors and Staff at Paris Peace Conference

Please join us in welcoming the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives to The Commons!

The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives are situated in Staunton, Virginia, where Thomas Woodrow Wilson, was born in December 28, 1856.

Highlights of the collection include images of Wilson’s Presidential campaigns in 1912, his World War I leadership, The Paris Peace Conference in 1919, and fascinating portraits of the President alongside world leaders and with his family.

Wilson's Cabinet in 1916 President Wilson and King George V of EnglandWilson With Child

Picnic in Houthoulst, Belgium    Wilson Family Women

It’s 99 years since Wilson was elected 28th President of the United States in 1912 – we’re glad to play a part in getting these images back into the spotlight for you to enjoy.

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Photos by Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives.