Welcome The Royal Library, Denmark to The Commons!

Unge mennesker på stranden

Cyklende på Strøget

Please join us in welcoming The Royal Library, Denmark to The Commons! The Royal Library is Denmark’s national library, the library for the University of Copenhagen and it’s also the largest library in the Nordic region. They share two fantastic sets with us – Sven Türck, a Danish photographer who took many photos of daily life in Denmark…

Model med Ko

Fiskerkonerne har taget opstilling foran statuen af Absalon på Højbro Plads

…and ‘Gender in Art‘ which focuses on portraits of Danish female artists, such as Emilie Mundt, Anna Archer and Bertha Wegmann.

Emilie Mundt    Bertha Wegmann    Anna Ancher

Louise Ravn-Hansen  Astrid Noack   Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann   Marie Luplau

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Photos from the The Royal Library, Demark.