A Century of Photography

Tower Bridge


‘U155’ at Tower Bridge     London circa 1936 (17)
1919 | 1936

Tower Bridge, 1944

1958-Europe-16-20     london tower bridge
1958 | 1962


1984-09 Thames tower bridge     Tower Bridge
1984 | 2009

Tower Bridge

We at Flickr love the many treasures that are uploaded by each and every one of you every day. Only last week we had the honor to announce the sixth billionth upload, and among that incredible amount of stunning photography, there is a significant number of photos taken in decades long passed.

Those gems, like the above photos of Tower Bridge in London from the last 110 years, can be revealed using the Search by date feature of our advanced search.

While The Commons already allow us to see beautiful and fascinating works from the world’s public photography archives, there are many members uploading their personal analog photos from all over the 20th century: There are photos from the events around the first man on the moon; the first decade of divided Germany; the last quarter century of Hong Kong as a British colony, Moscow and Washington from between 1980 and 1991 showing the two capitals during the last decade of the cold war; photos of the Woodstock festival in August 1969, the San Francisco Earthquake of October 1989, and many many more…

If you uploaded some of your photos from past times, when digital cameras and EXIF data were still Science Fiction, you can change their taken date by following the instructions in this FAQ. (Might as well come in handy when you forgot to set the date on your camera and it defaults your 2010 vacation back to 1/1/1989).

Photos from Monkey Tennis, National Maritime Museum, Paulfr, matt, huebner family photos, AndrewEick, rjl6955, sydneydawg2006,  rizoss, and Glyn1.

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