The weekend on Flickr

Lava Surface Flow in the Moonlight

Humpback Whale - Megaptera novaeangiae Bunting w/bird Newcastle Quayside - Velvia 100 RB67


des Fraises...

Day 160/365 - Seaside Tea and Chips

the player 

gypsy bridge


It’s summer in the northern hemisphere and your uploads on Flickr clearly represent this. We’ve seen you take strolls in the park, enjoy some fish & chips on the beach and bubbly beverages in beergardens, as well as drawing or shooting bowls of fresh, delicious strawberries. Your explorations included glowing lava fields in Hawaii, amazing wildlife in our oceans, and fast and furious fighter planes at high altitudes.

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos from (x)99., Bill Shupp, GPR06, hollybairy, NGUSS, barth1003, sophie.valenti, Fur Will Fly, nicolasheinzelmann, film stills from my daydreams, ho_hokus, and MadMats22765.

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