#FlickrFriday: Pure Beauty

A view of Martha's Vineyard Fairy Floss

Just for your Flickr Friday shot, how is this pose?

Weekend Comos Rhone Glacier, Belvédère Moonlit City

14 - Sep - 2013 - Pur(é)e Beauty

Marokopa Falls Sài Gòn train station into purebeauty lanterns

#PureBeauty #FlickrFriday Like a bubble :D


Ms. Ellen

# Our previous Flickr Friday theme was #PureBeauty, and here is the weekly selection of your submissions.

We saw a lot of different interpretations of the theme, dominant among them the pure beauty of nature in many forms, ranging from beautiful people to stunning landscapes: We saw clouds over Martha’s Vineyard, nightfall at Pass-a-Grille Beach and Marokopa Falls in New Zealand, but also the beauty of a path through the Swiss Rhone Glacier or a double exposure of red lights and the train station in the Vietnamese metropolis Sài Gòn. Dive deeper into last week’s theme and discover all the other submissions in the Flickr Friday group pool.

In addition to your submissions, we also asked you to curate your favorites, and we’d like to invite you to check out your galleries.

For our new theme we are looking for great representations of #WhiteSpace. You may take a minimalistic approach or play with white space in a more typographic sense. You have time until the announcement of the new theme next Friday to take your shot and submit it to the Flickr Friday group to be featured here on the Flickr blog. If you would like to curate your favorites as well, show us your galleries.

Photos from BobbyProm, RAW107, LAZYKiuikori, dK.i photography, Khánh Hmoong, akarakoc, GoodApollo_66, Pittypomm, Kate Adams 1993, Pankha Nikon, Famoustache, Shannon*M, naql, and Aloog2013.

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