#FlickrFriday: After Dark

After Dark

Golden Rain 10-05-13

Heavy Rain-2

After Dark IMG_1961 279 (10.6)

Encounter on a vegetarian day After Dark

FlickrFriday: After Dark

Retroactive lamp


flickrfriday #AfterDark  MACAU DAILY

After Dark

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #AfterDark. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

The touch of a flame after the dawn belongs to the night that awakens a new world. We invited you to show us what happens after the sun goes down and you guided us through a labyrinth full of shadows and neon lights. From a solitary walk through the city and a hungry feline observing the big menu available in the fridge, to the quiet and warm lighting of a candle. Discover more of the silent places after dark in the Flickr Friday group pool.

We’ve been delighted with the new galleries that you’ve been curating and sharing with us. If you would like to have a look over your last submissions you can check them out, and enjoy.

Our new theme has a new adventure to explore. We want you to show us what you can find #AtTheRoadside. It could be that you share with us the endless road of the highways or the curiosities that surround them. Get ready, explore and submit your shots in the Flickr Friday group. We will feature our favorites of the week here on the blog next Friday. And if you would like to invite your friends to take part in this week’s challenge, don’t forget to retweet us or share our status.

Photos from Alexandre Moreno Marques, Chris Howard, maviefolle08, Fábio J. Santos, camera squid, Tobwie, Kalyna Harasymiv, Thibaud Saintin, CoolMcFlash, crossword_steve, Paarma, dadaesk, hkanins, TOU’s, and Luvvida.

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