#FlickrFriday: Something Gold Something Blue

week 3 - books.

Bleu et doré SomethingGoldSomethingBlue

#FlickrFriday #SomethingGoldSomethingBlue

Something Gold, Something Blue (4/52) So close, so far II  (10/52)

A rare occassion ( I got up for a sunrise)

Party anyone? Night falls in the wineyard

1016 Sky and Poppy

Gotas que bailan al sol  19/365


Our last Flickr Friday theme was #SomethingGoldSomethingBlue. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

It is amazing to see how specific colors can be found anywhere. Between sunsets and jewelry there was a fantastic story to tell. You shared with us many places composed by nature, cities, ethereal portraits and thoughtful expressions. Seems like if a wave of quietness covered it all. Enjoy and have a look to all your submissions in the Flickr Friday group pool.

Check out your galleries of favorites and feel free to share yours with us too.

You might find a new world in our new theme. Little things will turn bigger while you are #GettingCloser. Let textures, patterns and shapes guide you. We are sure that all the small details will amaze us. Join us and share your shots in the Flickr Friday group. The selection of the week, will be showcased right here in FlickrBlog. Make it more fun and invite your friends to take part in the challenge.Reteweet us, or share our status.

Photos from Steffi Au, Francois MARLOT, Simona Poidomani, Maxsay Milian, Tom Landretti, Victoria Söderström, Paul Sykes, Mandy, [m.keller], jose diaz, Randy Heinitz, GLAS-8, and David King.

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