#FlickrFriday: Dorothy’s Red Shoes

Dorothy's Red Shoes

#DorothysRedShoes for Flickr Friday Dorothy Moderna - por  Mariângela Lobato

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

FlickrFriday #DorothysRedShoes Dorothy gets some new Kicks


Red Shoes - #DorothysRedShoes Red shoes

Dorothys Red Shoes

7 - Mar - 2014 - Dorothy's? Js

Dorothy knew she'd found the Tin Man's den....

Our last Flickr Friday theme was #DorothysRedShoes. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

It was a lot of fun going through your submissions. Many of you literally took Dorothy and placed her in unconventional places. Even the Wicked Witch of the East had an appearance in the challenge. You made us laugh and took us to the land of magic. You can have a look at all your great submissions in the Flickr Friday group pool.

Start creating your galleries of favorites. We are very thankful to all those who have already shared them with us. And for those who haven’t, don’t wait any more and send us yours too!

The theme for next week will be #ImOnlyHuman which is a recall to our nature as human beings. Remember all the things that make you feel alive and print them into your shots. Tell us a unique story and start sharing it in the Flickr Friday group. The selection of the week, will be showcased right here in FlickrBlog. You can make the challenge more fun and invite your friends to take part in it by reteweeting us, or sharing our status.

Photos from Jasna Buzimkic, Lost Star, João Pedro & Mariângela, Tom Landretti, Valet Emilie, Richard Le Sauvage, C. Torres Ch., Philippe, Johanneke Kroesbergen-Kamps, CoolMcFlash, Hester, Noah Williams, and Janice.

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