Flickr Photo Walks on May 4th

Los héroes que coronaron esa subida suavecita :-))

A couple of days ago, we announced our first ever global day of Flickr Photo Walks. So far, we’ve seen a great response from you and want to highlight the photo walks that are already taking place around the world.

If you are near any of these locations, head over to the respective thread and let everyone know that you’ll be joining!

You don’t see any meetup in your area yet? Become an organizer and announce your photo walk!

Australia |
New Zealand
| Dunedin

Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur
中华人民共和国 | Shanghai
中華民國 | Taipei
India | Bangalore
| Mumbai

España |
| San Sebastían
| Zaragoza

Deutschland | Berlin
| Frankfurt/M.
France | Paris
Finland | Helsinki
Italia | Cagliari, Sardegna
| Friuli
| L’aquila
| Napoli | Pavia/Milano
| Roma
| Sala Consilina
| Verona
România | Oravița
The United Kingdom| London

Canada | Toronto
| Montreal
USA | Niagara Falls, NY | Denver, CO
| New York City
| Orlando, FL
| Arlington (National Cemetery), VA

| Philadelphia, PA
| Las Vegas, NV
| Palo Alto, CA
| San Francisco, CA
México | Ciudad de México

Photo from anpegom.

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