‘The Adventures of Mr. Fly’

It’s ironic to think a fly created so much buzz online, but that’s exactly what happened. When Belgian web designer Nicholas Hendrickx posted “The Adventures of Mr. Fly” series, hundreds of thousands of people clicked on his photostream just to see where one little bug would turn up next.

Flickr Friday: High Noon

When the sun reaches its zenith and eclipses the shadows, it’s time to face the next big challenge. Our new #FlickrFriday theme is #HighNoon, and […]

Creator of ‘The Kelpies’

We spotted photos in Explore of a particular colossal pair of steel structures that opened to the public last month: “The Kelpies.” Located in Scotland’s Falkirk District, the giant 600-ton, 98-foot-tall landmark symbolizes the historical reliance on horses for Scottish economic and industrial development.

Sea explorer: Alexander Semenov

Alexander Semenov has a wish “to grow gills so that he doesn’t have to leave the water and perform cumbersome tasks, such as changing oxygen tanks.” And when you take a look at the photography from his research, you’ll understand what his wish is all about.

Twitter Tuesday: Hero

Yesterday you showed us some terrific #Hero photos for #TwitterTuesday. Super powers, courage, bravery — all sorts of heroes! Some of you also interpreted the theme with a different approach showing us your everyday heroes and people you look up to.