Chelsea Flower Show 2014

The Royal Horticulture Society, a UK charity established to share the best in gardening, hosts this annual garden extravaganza in London. This year, 550 exhibitors contributed to the event that took 25 days to create.

Live performances lately

Crowd-surfing by Twenty One Pilots in Brussels, Janelle Monae shimmying for The White House, Flea hopping for the Red Hot Chili Peppers performance at the Lollapalooza festival in Santiago, Chile, Lily Allen waving and gazing at the Highline Ballroom audience in New York City — these photos capture this year’s vivacious live acts.

Awe-inspiring landscapes

We thought you’d appreciated a weekday break by viewing this photo selection of serene places that beckon photographers, including six spectacular destinations in Arizona, Scotland, Colorado, Japan, Switzerland, and New Mexico.

Welcome the Hamilton Public Library to The Commons!

Join us in welcoming the Local History and Archives Department of the Hamilton Public Library to The Commons. The department has been collecting and preserving a wide range of materials relating to the historical development of the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and the Hamilton-Wentworth region since 1914.

Kite aerial photography

Around 1889 in Labruguière, France, photographer Arthur Batut made his indelible mark in history by taking the first on-record photo from a camera suspended by a kite. Batut proceeded to write a book about his innovative photography method and paved the way for us in photographing bird’s eye views with the help of a little wind.