FlickrFriday: The #OurOcean Selection

It was a small ship ...
the end #OurOcean (Notre Océan)  FlickrFriday
Carmel Fog Lifter #OurOcean #flickrfriday
Hi, Mediterranean Sea!
klyuenHi, Mediterranean Sea!
instant 159/365 sailboat [#OurOcean]
Les requins et les 'sharkphones' - #OurOcean (Notre Océan) - Flickr Friday -#OurOcean2014 Photo Challenge
Our ocean

Our last Flickr Friday theme was #OurOcean. All your submissions show us the different ways we look and think of our only ocean. These are some of our favorite submissions to the Flickr Friday pool.

Many of you also took the time to pick your favorites and present them in the galleries of favorites thread that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s never too late: We invite you to go through the pool and create a gallery with your faves to contribute it to the thread.

We were inspired for this Flickr Friday theme in part by World Oceans Day and by an upcoming conference sponsored by the United States Department of State to raise awareness about protecting the world’s oceans.