July stormscapes

To begin this month, severe storms passed through much of the United States. Lightning ripped through the sky on the East Coast, and foreboding clouds triggered tornado-warnings in Colorado. Many photographers turned their cameras to the tumultuous sky and caught remarkable weather moments. Here’s a sample of them.

Lightning Strikes

“Met up for dinner with some friends. Had to stop for a quick shot at the Washington Monument tonight. My daughter even got a good one on her iphone. So proud of her. My first everrrrr and successful lightning photo.” – Angel Beil

It's Here

“I wasn’t lucky on getting lightning, the rain was sideways and a decent vantage point was hard to come by. Once this cloud passes over, the wind made it tough to grab a stable shot.” – Tim Drivas

Lightning Strikes World Trade Center 7/2/2014  # 3 of 17

“I captured 17 shots of lightning striking the World Trade Center in this intense storm. There were more strikes that I couldn’t capture because I had to clean the water drops off the front of the lens.” – Strykapose


“Storm over Clewiston [Florida].” – Liza Morffiz

Tim Shahan_TMS2769

“Another spectacular lightning show over Baltimore’s Inner Harbor last night [July 2].” – Tim Shahan

Clouds in a lighting storm

“Took this while flying by a lighting storm last night [July 2].” – Nick Bilton

Stormy night
Sandra's WeedsStormy night

“Hung out waiting for tonight’s storm to come in and was finally rewarded after several failed attempts.” – Sandra’s Weeds

Sunset Crater NM

“This series was taken during a very heavy downpour. They are not HDR, and only slightly adjusted in Lightroom. The outerworldly effect is created by the intense contrast at 8,000 ft.” – Arne Kaiser

Electric Blue

“One of the first monsoon thunderstorms to impact the central Arizona deserts of 2014.” – Nic

Enjoy, and share, more photography in the July storms gallery and Project Weather group.