Züriflickrdrinks is celebrating their 100th Flickr Meetup


Tonight, züriflickrdrinks will be celebrating their 100th meetup, with a Swiss barbecue at a “popular, yet not too fancy part in the city of Zürich”, as coyote-agile describes the plan, and you are cordially invited, if you are in the area!

It all started 8 years ago, in July 2006. A bunch of Flickr members in Zürich, Switzerland, figured out that sharing and commenting on pictures on Flickr would also work while meeting face-to-face and having a nice drink. So züriflickrdrinks was born!

The regular meetups “grew steadily and became quickly popular within the Zürich community of hobby photographers, also because of Switzerland-wide meetups, called FliCHr”, coyote-agile tells us. “Züriflickrdrinks even hosted a couple of these events: We organized photo walks, visited exhibitions, went bowling together, played ping-pong, cooked, ate fondue — and still managed to hold our monthly get-togethers, reliably as a Swiss clock!”

Bathroom High Score!
Zueriflickrdrinks at the Baeckeranlage
nksyoonZueriflickrdrinks at the Baeckeranlage
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